ASC 60th Anniversary Commemoration…When did it Begin?
Dr. R. Marshall Austin provides a “sneak preview” of a 60th Annual Scientific Meetingpresentation about the formation of the Society

INTERVIEW with Barbara Crothers, DO
Dr. Crothers relates rewarding aspects of her career

ASC 60th Annual Scientific Meeting Hotel Information  

ASC 60th Anniversary Celebration

Details of what’s to come during the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas  

INTERVIEW with Lynnette Savaloja, SCT(ASCP)
What she likes best about being a cytotechnologist and what she values the most about her ASC membership  

Geraldine Colby Zeiler Awards for Students of Cytotechnology
The five recipients for the 2012 Awards  

Coming soon…….The Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology (JASC)
Dr. Syed Ali, Editor-in-Chief of JASC, updates ASC Members on the new ASC Journal  

INTERVIEW with Ann T. Moriarty, MD
How she first found out about cytology and her most rewarding moment as a cytopathologist
ASC 60th Annual Scientific Meeting Schedule at a Glance  

New Frontiers Lecture
Details of Dr. George D. Lundberg’s presentation during the 60th Annual Scientific Meeting  

60th Annual Scientific Meeting Networking Events  

Highlights for Cytology Educators on the Web and at the Las Vegas Meeting!
Dr. Marilee Means provides a Q&A format for cytology educators  

HOT TOPIC: ASC Workload Recommendations for Automated Pap Test Screening: What’s Next?
Moderated by William N. Crabtree, PhD, SCT(ASCP) and Tarik M. Elsheikh, MD  

ASC Foundation 5K Run/Walk – Get Active and Involved!  

Case Study
Paratracheal Mass Mimicking Malignancy  

In Memoriam
Arline Kaye Howdon, CT(ASCP), Irena Grasberg Koprowska, MD and Leopold G. Koss, MD  

President’s Blog
Dr. Lydia Howell shares a personal connection to Dr. Irena Koprowska  

ASC Legacy Fund
Donate to the Leopold Koss Lectureship, in memory of Dr. Koss  

ASC President’s Column: What Will You Leave Behind?  

INTERVIEW with Michael S. Facik, CT(ASCP)CFIAC
Poignant thoughts about his career in cytology and with the ASC  

Celebrate Your Mentoring Experience!
Diamonds in the Rough and Make a Star of Your Mentor  

PEC Update
For Cytopathology Fellows, Pathology Residents and Senior Residents  

Cancer Cytopathology is Moving to Monthly in 2013  

2012 Cyto-econference Webinars for October and November

Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs)
The ASC is your place for CME and SAM activities to help satisfy MOC requirements

Book Review
Atlas of Radiologic-Cytopathologic Correlations

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