Papanicolaou Award Winners


The Papanicolaou Award, established in 1958, is the highest award given by the American Society of Cytopathology. It is presented annually to a physician or Ph.D. member who has been nominated by an ASC member, in recognition of meritorious contributions in the field of cytology.

2012    Dina R. Mody, MD 

2011    Mary K. Sidawy, MD

2010    David C. Wilbur, MD

2009    Theodore R. Miller, MD

2008    Celeste N. Powers, MD, PhD

2007    Diane Davis Davey, MD

2006    Ronald D. Luff, MD, MPH

2005    Dorothy L. Rosenthal, MD

2004    Patricia Saigo, MD

2003    Diane Solomon, MD

2002    David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC

2001    Prabodh Gupta, MD

2000    G. Peter Vooijs, MD

1999    Ibrahim Ramzy, MD

1998    William M. Murphy, MD

1997    Yener S. Erozan, MD

1996    Gunter F. Bahr, MD

1995    Torsten Löwhagen, MDhc, FIAC

1994    Zuher M. Naib, MD

1993    Steven I. Hajdu, MD

1992    Marluce Bibbo, MD

1991    Thomas A. Bonfiglio, MD

1990    Bernard Naylor, MD

1989    Eileen B. King, MD

1988    W. Budd Wentz, MD

1987    William H. Kern, MD

1986    William W. Johnston, MD

1985    Irena Koprowska, MD

1984    Warren R. Lang, MD



1983    William J. Frable, MD

1982    Alexander Meisels, MD

1981    Stanley L. Inhorn, MD

1980    Alan B.P. Ng., MD

1979    Torbjorn Caspersson, MD

1978    Emerson Day, MD

1977    Charles P. Schwinn, MD

1976    Geno Saccomanno, PhD, MD

1975    Myron R. Melamed, MD

1974    Lewis B. Woolner, MD

1973    Stanley F. Patten, Jr., MD, PhD

1972    John K. Frost, MD

1971    William M. Christopherson, MD

1970    George L. Wied, MD

1969    James W. Reagan, MD

1968    John R. McDonald, MD

1967    Emmerich von Haam, MD

1966    Leopold G. Koss, MD

1965    Cyrus C. Erickson, MD

1964    Murray L. Barr, MD

1963    Ruth M. Graham, ScD

Joe V. Meigs, MD (posthumous)

1962    George N. Papanicolaou, MD (posthumous)

1958    Elizabeth A. McGrew, MD and Colleagues:

Warren H. Cole, MD

Stuart S. Roberts, MD

Alvin L. Watne, MD

Mrs. Ruth McGrath, BS

Miss Stella Nanos, CT(ASCP)


Cytotechnologist Award for Outstanding Achievement Winners

The Cytotechnologist Award for Outstanding Achievement, established in 1969, is presented annually to a Cytotechnologist member in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishment in the field of Cytopathology.

2012   Marilee Means, PhD, SCT(ASCP)

2011   Leigh Ann Cahill, BS, CT(ASCP)CMIAC

2010   Michael S. Facik, MPA, CT(ASCP)

2009   Jill L. Caudill, MEd, SCT(ASCP)CM

2008   Donna K. Russell, MS, CT(ASCP)HT

2007   Karen A. Allen, SCT(ASCP)

2006   John Shalkham, MA, SCT(ASCP)

2005   M. Sue Zaleski, MA, SCT(ASCP)HT

2004   Rose Marie Gatscha, BA, SCT(ASCP)CFIAC

2003   Roger W. Wall, MS, SCT(ASCP)

2002   H. Daniel Schantz, MBA, SCT(ASCP)

2001   Barbara J. Guidos, SCT(ASCP)

2000  Jacalyn Papillo, BA, CT(ASCP)

1999   Sally-Beth Buckner, BA, SCT(ASCP)

1998   Jamie L. Covell, BS, CT(ASCP)

1997   Theresa M. Somrak, JD, CT(ASCP)CFIAC

1996   Barbara Dubray Benstein, MS, CT(ASCP)

1995   William N. Crabtree, MS, SCT(ASCP)

1994   Karen Mangan Atkison, MPA, CT(ASCP)CMIAC

1993   Shirley E. Greening, MS, JD, CT(ASCP)CFIAC

1992   Nancy J. Smith, MS, SCT(ASCP)CMIAC

1991   Patricia R. Ashton, SCT(ASCP)

1990   Carol A. Carriere, CT(ASCP)

1989   A. Elizabeth Plott, CT(ASCP)


1988   Geraldine D. Horak, CT(ASCP)

1987   Rhonda Karp, CT(ASCP)

1986   Naoma L. Corvese, CT(ASCP)

1985   Norma Arvold, CT(ASCP)

1984   Sister Mary Damien, CT(ASCP)

1983   Gary W. Gill, CT(ASCP)

1982   Ann H. Clark, CT(ASCP)

1981   Carole A. Williams, CT(ASCP)

1980   Wanda H. Wolinska, CT(ASCP)

1979   Florence E. Woodworth Patten, CT(ASCP)

1978   Marion D. Holmquist, CT(ASCP)

1977   Fern Miller, CT(ASCP)

1976   Bernadette Browell, CT(ASCP)

1975   Andrew Ricci, CT(ASCP)

1974   Arline Howdon, CT(ASCP)

1973   Irma Rube, CT(ASCP)

1972   Sue T. Shutt, CT(ASCP)

1971   Charlotte M. Street, CT(ASCP)

1970   Grace R. Durfee, CT(ASCP)

1969   Sylvia Ramsey, CT(ASCP)

1968   Maria Zervakis, CT(ASCP)

1967   Barbara Joan Kaplan, CT(ASCP)

1966   Catherine M. Keebler, CT(ASCP)


Excellence in Education Award Winners

The Excellence in Education Award is presented to a cytotechnologist or pathologist member in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishment in the field of Cytopathology or Cytotechnology education.

2012   Ibrahim Ramzy, MD

2011   Prabodh Gupta, MD, FIAC

2010   Dina R. Mody, MD

2009   Kalyani Naik, MS, SCT(ASCP)

2008   Edmund S. Cibas, MD

2007   Jill L. Caudill, MEd, SCT(ASCP)

2006   Richard Mac DeMay, MD

2005   Zelma Cason, MS, SCT(ASCP)


2004   Gary Gill, CT(ASCP)

2003   H. Daniel Schantz, MBA, CT(ASCP)

2002   John Shalkham, MS, SCT(ASCP)

2001   Denis A. Coble, EdD, CT(ASCP)

2000   Nancy J. Smith, MS, SCT(ASCP)

1999   Barbara D. Benstein, MS, SCT(ASCP)

1998   Carole A. Williams, CT(ASCP)


President's Award Winners

The President's Award was established in 1992 and is presented annually to an ASC member. Selection of the recipient is at the discretion of the current ASC President. The President's Award is presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

2012   Syed Ali, MD

2011    Margaret Havens Neal, MD

2010    Lynnette C. Savaloja, SCT(ASCP)

2009    Robert Hayes Knapp, MD (posthumous)

2008    Barbara D. Benstein, PhD, SCT(ASCP)CM

2007    Martha Bishop Pitman, MD

Donna K. Russell, MS, CT(ASCP)CMIAC

2006    Thomas A. Bonfiglio, MD

2005    E. Blair Holladay, PhD, CT(ASCP)CM

2004    Daniel F.I. Kurtycz, MD

2003    Ritu Nayar, MD, MIAC

Nancy J. Smith, MS, SCT(ASCP)

2002    Jamie L. Covell, BS, CT(ASCP)




2001    David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC

Elizabeth Jenkins

2000    Marianne U. Prey, MD

Mary K. Sidawy, MD

1999    Paul Krieger, MD

Dina R. Mody, MD

1998    Hormoz Ehya, MD

1997    Petrina M. Smith, RN, MBA

1996    Shirley Indictor, BS, Ed

1995    Carol E. Bales, BA, CT(ASCP)CFIAC

1994    William N. Crabtree, MS, SCT(ASCP)

1993    Louis B. Leone, MD

1992    Jacalyn Leigh Papillo, BS, CT(ASCP)